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Moving Do's

Do give yourself plenty of time to purge if you have clutter or are downsizing your home.

Do hire a licensed mover with a long list of references and check their references.

Do pack heavy items such as books in small boxes, light items such as pillows and lamp shades in larger boxes. Fragile items such as crystal and china should go in extra strong "dish-pack" boxes. 

Do label each box you are moving with a brief description of contents and destination. Keep sandwich bags handy for little pieces of hardware and label the bags clearly. Be just as sure to label and separate items you are not moving with (by destination) such as Selling, Donating, or Trash. 

Do plan on being there on move day to direct movers at your old home or new home if you can't be there. 

Moving Dont's

Don't assume movers will be available on the day you need to move. Book 4-6 weeks ahead if possible. 

Don't hire movers you haven't met with or have not been recommended by people you trust. Watch for red flags. Learn more at 

Don't leave packing to the last minute. It will add to the cost of your move if your movers were not hired to pack. 

Don't forget to pack/purge contents from storage areas, attics, sheds and offsite storage. Keep a file of important documents with you while you move so that they are less likely to get lost in the shuffle. 

Don't call movers at the last minute with significant changes to your move. Not only may it cost more but they may not be able to accommodate the char

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